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Top 10 Reasons to Donate through Support Police
You will not find a charity that is run more efficiently. Support Police has no paid employees, pays no rent, and our board of directors serve without compensation. Even the website you are reading was donated. It is the power of passionate volunteers. The result is superior financial and operational efficiency. Your dollar goes further here. Click here to see how your money is used.

Just read the news, not all cities and states are experts at managing their budgets. When they have budget issues, that negative impact trickles down to police departments. Sometimes officers are put on waiting lists for certain pieces of equipment, and it is not uncommon for new officers to hit the streets without all the standard issue equipment. All this, because of city/state budget short falls and mismanagement. We should not let the police officers protecting us suffer for the errors made by those who control money at the top level.

Police do much more than pull you over when you roll through a stop sign. Police enforce laws of all kinds. Example: most states enforce a law for sex offenders to register their name(s), address, SSN, (and much more), every 30 days for the rest of their life. If a sex offender fails to register continually, on time, a warrant is served for their arrest. Police execute that warrant. Click here for your state's sex offender registry laws.

Police in urban areas are often called in to contain armed "barricaded subjects". Whether a hostage is involved or not, police are forced to guess how many people & guns are inside more times than not. Thermal imaging equipment can make a life & death difference in these situations, but this equipment can cost more than $15,000 per unit and is rarely approved by operating budgets.

In most areas, it rests primarily on the Police to get drugs off the street and out of the schools. Police serve drug warrants day in and day out. Often times, they are faced with armed criminals who would rather shoot than go to jail. This is just one example of how police officers put their life on the line to make communities safer for all of us.

The criminal sophistication faced by Police officers continues to evolve, and fighting crime is getting more expensive every year. Police need continued training, and they need expensive equipment to do their jobs. Just a single bullet proof vest can cost the police department over $1000. An armored vehicle can cost the department $300,000!

In the case of any of our Special Funds for fallen heroes, your financial support goes directly to the survivors of the officer killed in the line of duty. Survivor funds that are managed by Support Police are verified by the officer's police agency and 100% of the proceeds go directly to the family of the fallen officer. Most often, this is the first installment of financial relief the family members will experience. Life insurance policies vary and their quickness and responsiveness to a claim is never as quick as it should be.

In the wake of events like 9/11 and the Fort Hood shooting, local and state police are among the first responders in situations like this. Your support helps ensure that our officers responding to horrific events like those mentioned, are well prepared & equipped with the right training and life saving equipment.

Studies have shown time and time again, that those who donate money to worthy causes are naturally happier and more confident people when compared to those who do not donate at all. Donating money makes one feel powerful, in that they are executing their capacity to make a difference.

You will gain tax benefits by donating to Support Police. By donating here, you are paying less money to the government, as your donations to Support Police are tax deductable.