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How Your Donation is Used
Know that every dime of your donation counts. Our primary goal is to maximize the effectiveness of your donation. Support Police has zero paid employees, pays no rent, and our board of directors serve without compensation. Even the website you are reading, and the software/system that manages our organization was donated. The result is that nearly 100% of every dollar that comes in can be immediately allocated to program causes. This operating efficiency puts Support Police in the top echelon of non-profit organizations. We will continue to strive to be the single best run non-profit organization in the country, as we are fervently committed to being good stewards of your support.
Program Expenses
When evaluating any charity, one of the most important metrics is the percentage of expenditures to "Program Expenses". Money spent for program expenses is money that is used for the mission and cause of the organization. The most common program expenses for Support Police would include equipment purchases for police officers/departments & police training scholarships. When Support Police purchases bullet proof vests for a police department, that is a program expense.

In accomplishing our goal of being the most efficient and financially responsible non profit organization in the country, we do everything we can to maximize program expenses, and minimizing the fundraising and administrative expenses (salaries, overhead, postage & print costs, etc.). A high percentage of program expenses simply means money is going where it should be going, and not overly dissolved into operational overhead, employee salaries and the like.