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Support your local police department by making a tax deductable contribution. To get started, just enter your zip code in the box above or sign in!
Get Involved
First and foremost we encourage you to make a contribution to benefit the police agency of your choice or any special funds listed on the website. Our primary concern is to make sure law enforcement officers have everything they need to do their job. First, we want to make sure there are no life saving equipment shortages. That includes the latest bullet proof vests, helmets, shields, etc. These are the items that are critical components to the high risk elements of their job.

Aside from financially supporting our mission, passing the word along is extremely important, and usually free of cost. Just telling your friends, family and coworkers about Support Police can be a huge help. If you are involved in any blogs or social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, you can spread the word very easily through those networks.
If you are an active or retired officer, please make sure to register your information here on the website. This helps us get connected to you and the police agency you work for, which in turn helps us accomplish our mission. That is, making sure you have everything you need to do your job. Visit our Officer Relations page for more information.
Police Agency Employees
If you work for a police agency or city, we want to connect with you. By keeping communication lines open between Support Police and your office, we can stay in tune with your planned purchases and intervene where we can to financially assist your operations. Please visit the Police Department Involvement page for more information.